Machine Shop Liquidation - Golden Seal Services, Inc.

by Pearce & Associates


June 20, 2012 Bidding Ends June 20, 7:00pm Central


Golden Seal Services Inc 3786 Industrial Park Dr Marianna, FL


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Golden Seal Services, Inc.
3786 Industrial Park Dr
Marianna, Florida, 32446
Bidding Ends: Wednesday, June 20th, 7:00pm. 
Inspection Open House:  Wednesday, June 20th, 9:00 until 4:00 pm.
You, the purchaser are responsible for loading and transporting your purchases.  The owner has recommended a local rigger who has loaded and help with hauling his equipment in the past.  If you need local loading help, call Richard Outlaw @ 850-209-1719 or 850-592-4442.  Mr Outlaw has cranes for loading at your expense.  He will be onsite at the inspection June 20th or you may call him.  He can also help you with finding a trucking company to transport your purchases. 

If you would like to see items before Ending date, you may call 850-526-4286 to make an appointment.
Gulf Coast Auction Services is a joint venture by Pearce & Associates & Horton Auction Company.   We established Gulf Coast Auction Services to assist our southern Alabama, Mississippi and Florida Panhandle clients with their Real Estate, Estate and Business Liquidation needs.  Our group has been commissioned by the owners of Golden Seal Services to liquidate all of their machine shop assets "Absolute" to the highest online bidders.
About Golden Seal Services..

Golden Seal Services, Inc. was started in Jacksonville, Fl in 1976.  It’s original product was re-claimed metal to metal oil seals used in construction equipment.  Customers were Caterpillar dealers across the U.S..

In 1981 we moved to a new facility in Marianna, Fl.  As time went on and the market for the seals diminished we looked for other items to remanufacture (we currently offer over 300 items in this field).  We also, started to sell to other equipment dealers such as; John Deere, Komatsu & Dresser.  At the same time we entered the “Job Shop” market working mostly for local companies.  Companies such as Georgia Pacific; Gulf Power; Republic Conduit: Spanish Trail (lumber yard) & many smaller ones.  We have done a variety of work from rebuilding large water pumps (36” diameter & 28’ long), to wrought iron fencing to the design & manufacture of assembly line tooling for a local laundry machine manufacturer.  One of our most interesting jobs was a “bat cave gate” in a local state park.

It has been a very interesting 36 years & I have worked with some wonderful customers.  I hate to see it end.   Ron Morrill, president

A few machine items include:

(a) automatic build up welder.

This machine was designed to build up (with weld carbon steel or stainless) worn areas on large components.

Equipped with an “AUTOMATIC ONE MILLER” wire feed control & powered  by a standard welding power source,  it will weld vertically (automatically) & horizontally; push button control.  Weld can be applied on internal bores or externally.  This machine will accommodates item 28” diameter & 20” height.

(b)  Automatic shaft type build up welder.

This machine in conjunction with a standard M.I.G. welding machine is designed to circumferentially build up large shaft or tube type components.  It will accommodate items up to 6 feet in length & 18 inches diameter.  Speed of rotation & horizontal travel of the welding head applies the weld in a controlled manner providing a smooth compact surface.

© Portable bore welder.

This automated bore welder is mounted on a vertical & horizontal travel “Manipulator” enabling controlled bore welding in a vertical or horizontal plane.  Travel of the boom on the manipulator is 6 feet by 4 feet enabling “reach out” over large components

(d) Portable Line Bore Machine:

This machine was designed & built to “pre bore” or clean up damaged bore areas prior to weld & then finish boring the area after weld.  It is hydraulically driven enabling controlled cutting speed & has mechanically controlled in or out feed.  The unit is initially attached (normally tack welded) to the area to be repaired enabling both the pre-weld clean up & finish bore in true alignment due to it’s cone shape design.  Excavator bucket pin bores or boom pin bores would be a likely candidate for this equipment.

(e)  Water Cooled Cutting Table.

This 10’ x 6’ water filled cutting table was built to enable metal cutting under controlled environment controlling sparks & escaping “slag”.  This machine will carry both oxyacetylene or plasma torches in a speed controlled atmosphere in both “x” x”y” axis.  Drive in both directions is via “acme” threaded units. 

(f) Large Circumference Circle Cutter.

This machine is mounted on the “Bore Welder” actuator (at opposite end of boom) & its function is to enable oxyacetylene torch cutting of large circumference ( up to 6’ diameter) plates.  Torch travel speed is controlled by a variable speed motor & positioning over the cut area is controlled by the manipulator.

(g)  Pipe & Angle roller.

This machine is designed to roll pipe (up to 2 1/2” diameter) & angle up to 3” x 3” into a circumferential pattern.  Both outer rolls are mechanically driven with the center ones being hydraulically forced. 
Also selling assorted tooling, welders, forklifts, shop equipment, gooseneck trailer, much, much, more!  A great assortment of quality metal machine equipment.
Check back as we prepare the site for auction.  A bidding catalog will be posted over the next few weeks!
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