About Us



Rowell Auctions seasoned staff and sales professionals are in tune with real estate values and governing regulations. As nationally Certified Auctioneers, they are trained to determine objectives and provide solutions.


Our Current Auctions:


At any given time Rowell Auctions, Inc is in the actively conducting real estate auctions nationwide and conducting on site land auctions throughout the region. Our qualified team creates the critical path to marketing assets with an on site auctions in your hometown or available online with electronic bidding on the world wide web.


Our History (A Georgia Tradition):


Rowell Auctions, Inc. was Established in 1936 and is now based in Moultrie, Georgia with a professional and licensed team that conducts auctions throughout the United States.


Tommy Rowell, Chairman of the Board of Rowell Auctions, was inducted into the Georgia Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame in August 2007 to join his father, the late L.G. Rowell, who was inducted in 1994.There have only been 22 auctioneers inducted to the Georgia Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame


Tommy Rowell earned his way into that illustrious group on his own merits:


• Served in each office of the Georgia Auctioneers Association.

• Having served seven years on the board of the Auction Marketing Institute, which is a national education organization.

• Taught several national seminars with the Certified Auctioneers Institute or CAI.

• Helped others get into the auction industry and educating those already there, including by employing four people whose jobs include traveling the country to educate auctioneers.


H.I. Ashburn opened the real estate company that became Rowell Auctions, Inc. in 1936, along with his wife, Bertha Parker Rowell Ashburn, one of the first female real estate brokers in Georgia. Ten years later, with L.G. Rowell on board it became Ashburn and Rowell.


In 1976, L.G. Rowell saw the need to expand his service base. In that year, L.G. Rowell changed the name of his business to Rowell Realty and Auction. In the span of two years he spun off the brokerage, sold an affiliated insurance business and closed his appraisal business to focus solely on auctions.


Rowell Auctions, Inc. has grown significantly since that time from a local Georgia brokerage and Georgia real estate auction company to a nationally recognized auction firm.