Auction Services

Rowell Auctions, Inc. offers:

Valuation and Appraisal Services on Personal Property
Equipment, Overland tractor/trailers, Construction Machinery, Inventories Farm Machinery, Process Equipment, Intellectual Property Rights, Restaurant Equipment, Marine Related, Intellectual Property Rights, Antiques, Vehicles, Business Inventories and Household Contents.

Real Property Broker Price Opinions & Portfolio Reviews
Quality Information is the most critical element to accurate decision making. Rowell Auctions offers Broker Price Opinions, Portfolio Reviews with Forecasting and entire marketing plans for clients. We offer price opinions on a single asset or entire portfolios.

Strategic Marketing Plans (Recommendations)
A process where we rank assets in order of their known loss, length of time in inventory, and cost of carry/depreciation to form the basis of a solid marketing plan for client banks. Our personnel are second to none in the interpretation of data and relevant recommendations and conclusions for our clients.

Rowell Auctions is the fiduciary partner of any client that engages our services. Confidentiality is a byword of our relationship. Your business is kept for your countenance only; it is never ’on the street.’

Closing Process
Most auction firms will tell you how many properties they offer, Sold and Closed 92%
not how many got closed of what they offered.

Rowell Auctions closes 92% of what we offer at auction! This number is the highest in the auction industry of which we are aware. The reason this number is exponentially in excess of competitors is the use of an exclusive closing tracking system that monitors the closing process for its entirety.

Strategic Alliances
Rowell Auctions is a Founding Member of MarkNet, ( ) which is an affiliation of 45 auction companies having 42 state coverage in licensing. Whether you want to employ our exclusive electronic bidding system or would prefer an onsite auction, we have the right people for the right job!
Rowell team members currently are instructors and authors of educational courses for the National Auctioneers Association the National Association of Realtors, and help form the backbone of the requisite course content and designation requirements.


Rowell’s marketing activities are the most sophisticated in the auction business. We utilize the incredible power of the Internet, and have made a complete study of the necessities of marketing in this environment, and have no peer in its use. Our clients are actually able to view the effectiveness of any marketing campaign on an entirety basis or asset by asset. Results are available on an asset by asset or by the entirety of a multiple asset campaign.

All marketing campaigns are key word linked for effectiveness; the print ads carry reference to the Internet, Internet to the print ads, television, email blasts and mailers/signage to all. Our use of Social Marketing is state of the art creating a viral market for each event, which is self-sustaining.

Rowell Auctions offers a full service of marketing options for its’ clients. 

  • land/acreage
  • single family
  • commercial
  • multi-family
  • industrial
  • agricultural
Each specialty interest demands a unique marketing skill set (one size does not fit all!)

We have experienced experts in all fields with tremendous tenure with our firm. Our team of professionals has an average tenure of over 20 years with Rowell Auctions. This well seasoned team provides the client stability, reliability and continuity throughout the entire process.