Bank Owned Auctions

Bank owned auctions are often called different names like REO auctions, OREO auctions, or Foreclosure auctions. These terms are just different ways of saying the same thing. The seller, a bank or other financial institution, has taken ownership of the property. A bank might take ownership of a property fora number of reasons, but the most common is a borrower not being able to pay for the mortgage or loan on the property or real estate.

At Rowell Auctions, Inc. we regularly conduct online and onsite auctions of bank owned property and bank owned real estate. These bank owned auctions are listed on our website as foreclosure auctions or lender ordered auctions, but the meaning is the same. Due to our close relationship with financial institutions helping them manage growing REO inventories our bidders will often have a wide variety of bank owned properties at auction. Our bank clients find that auctions ,either online or onsite, is one of the best ways to quickly achieve market value in today’s sluggish real estate market.




To see all bank owned auctions being offered by Rowell Auctions, Inc. please check our event calendar.

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